Walking the Wheel

The Shamanic Journey

Spring: 11th April 1-6.30pm

Summer: 27th June 1-6.30pm

Autumn: 26th September 1-6.30pm

Winter: 29th November 1-6.30pm

The Bisley Yurt Working

£55 (or £45 each if book all 5)

Next Turn of the Wheel: Spring

As the wheel begins again with it's first turn of the year into Spring, we will learn what this time of year holds for our lives, our healing and our evolution. There is so much wisdom within each season and we will begin to understand how to embody with the flow of Spring. The time of new beginnings, fresh starts, re-emergence after the deep dark winter and a time of rebirth and new life. 

This workshop will include: 

Working with the Celtic Medicine Wheel

Embodiment of the season

A Shamanic Journey to the spirit of Spring

Healing with Air

Meet your Spring Ally to work with you through the season

Plant Spirit Connection and Guidance

Intentions and Inviting in the new for the year ahead

Letting go of that which does not serve 

Creating Sacred Space & The Directions

And More...

Heal the Heart and Empower the Soul

With Gwen Allison of My Spiritual Butterfly

29th February 2020 12:30pm-6.30pm

The Bisley Yurt

Investment £55

We welcome you to join us on this special journey to healing the heart and empower the soul with experienced facilitators Gwen Allison of My Spiritual Butterfly and Sally Smiles.


As we spend the day in ceremony and sacred space, allow yourself to be guided by honouring your heart through listening to the whispers of what you really need, hear your soul calling you back home to the space of connection, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love.


Many of us have had difficult times in our lives. The effects can stay with us and may manifest within our emotions, physical body and mental well-being until we have healed.


This workshop is for those who feel ready to heal and to empower themselves by listening to the answers of their soul, the medicine we need is already within us, we just have to listen. The truth is waiting.


Sally and Gwen will guide you through the day with the healing Reiki energy and Shamanic Techniques as they bring with them their experience and unconditional love.


Spend the day with us in nurturing togetherness, the sacred energy of Reiki, Plant Spirit Medicines and Shamanic Sound.


This workshop is all inclusive.


The Day will include:


Reiki Energy Bath: To travel through the Chakra's and expand the Heart

Medicine Music

Journey with the drum to meet your  Plant Spirit Guide for your Soul Path

Reiki Energy Circle

Shamanic Plant Spirit Heart Healing

Trust in Movement

Heart to Soul Meditation

Fire Letting Go Ceremony


and more....

Meet Your Plant Spirit Guide

4th April 2.30-6pm

Calm Collective Yoga Studio, Sidcup

Investment: £35

Let us open our hearts to the spirits of the plants in this ceremonial afternoon of healing and connection.

As we journey with the shamanic drum, native instruments and channelled voice to meet our plant spirit guides, you will build your personal relationship with the medicine of the plant that steps forward for you, understanding its wisdom and guidance for you at this time.

An empowering workshop of deep connection, healing and self discovery.


The afternoon will include: 


Introduction to plant spirit medicine

Shamanic journey to meet your plant spirit guide 

Plant spirit medicine music healing

Realignment Journey 

Dismemberment Journey with your Ally

Plant Spirit Initiation

7th March 10am-5pm

​Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre

Investment £35

A deep workshop to connect to the spirits of the plants in this ceremonial afternoon of healing and embodiment.

We will embark on a series journeys with the shamanic drum, native instruments and the channelled voice for the following: 

Introduction to Plant Spirit Connection

To meet the plant spirit guide stepping forward for you at this time

Merge and Embody with your guide

Healing Journey

Dismemberment journey where your plant ally will take you apart to bring you back anew

An empowering workshop of deep connection, healing and self discovery.

The Medicine of the Yew

14th November 10am-5pm

​Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre

Investment £35

As the Cetlic wheel turns to Winter we will connect with the transformational medicine of the Yew.

Learn how to deeply connect with this tree, understanding how to walk in balance and harmony between the light and the dark, between our physical body and the otherworld, between life and death....the place of everything and none.

Allow the Yew and your heart to merge in breath as you learn how to journey into the thinking of the Yew and re-embody yourself to journey within it's eternal, full and sparse landscape.

In this workshop we will strip away everything we have learned about the Yew and plant spirit connection so we can be reborn within its breath as all other memories dissolve in the moment. 

A truly deep, healing and sacred day which will include

Introduction to the Yew

Re-embodiment and the spirit breath

Journey into the thinking of the Yew

Yew Healing