Tropical Leaves

Rewilding our

relationship with the natural world through Conscious Embodiment & Shamanic Practices


It is through conscious connection to the natural world that I have found the greatest healing. Walking with the rhythms of the land and moving with it's cycles, learning how we embody it's continual and transitional flows. 

How the seasons, the elements and natures energies can show us the way to the medicine we hold within through the balancing of our inner and outer worlds.

We truly come alive through our relationship to the natural world.

My offerings are to empower you in rediscovering your relationship to the ancient wisdom of the land we walk on, to bring healing and transformation and to share tools and techniques for you to walk your true path. 

These areas include: 


Plant Spirit Medicine

The Celtic Medicine Wheel

Shamanic Sound & Channelled Vibration

Medicine Drum Birthing & Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Practices

Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more, 

Sally xx


Such a wonderful day yesterday for our

Upcoming Events

See upcoming online and in person Events, Circles, Ceremonies, Workshops and more. 

Bringing togetherness & healing through the gathering of souls.

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Shamanic Drums

Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies, Specialised Birthing for Children and marking Rights of Passage, Drums to purchase, Birthing by request, Drum Circles & Free Shamanic Journey Recordings

Women's Circle

A weekly gathering online, in circle & ceremony we connect with a new theme each week.

A safe space for women to enjoy enquiry, journeying meditations, music & ritual...


One to One

Work with me one to one, offerings include Shamanic healing sessions, readings, plant medicine work, ceremony, mentoring and more. All via online or in person

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In January...

Four Week Shamanic Plant Journey with Ivy, Rosemary, Yew & Pine: Online (3rd,10th,17th & 24th)

Weekly Women's Circle: Online (every Wednesday)

The Singing Drum Circle: Online (7th)

Vibrational Essence Creating Tutorial: Online (12th)

Imbolc Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremony (31st)


Plant  Medicine

A weekly gathering online, in circle & ceremony we connect with a new theme each week through enquiry, journeying meditations, music & ritual...



Plant Medicine offerings & Shamanic Drums as well as free Shamanic Journey recordings & channelled healing


Insights, learning, revelations and more from my journey. A wide variety of topics and expressions from the shamanic perspective. 

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Upcoming courses & 1 day learning workshops for Healing & transformation.  Offerings to discover the medicine you hold within, your wisdom and connection with shamanic practices

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What's coming in 2021....

As a new Mother this year, I am allowing time in this new phase of my life cycle to take a step away from my offerings in February and to resume hopefully in May. Many more dates will come for this year with lots of exciting workshops, courses, ceremonies & more, both online and in person...the energy feels amazing already. 

 Some of these are below: 

Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies

Plant Spirit Ceremonies & Deep connection

Walking the Medicine Wheel 

The Healing Voice: Shamanic Sound

Deep Women's work 

Shamanic Sound & Music

Plant Spirit & Shamanic Training Courses & 1 day workshops

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Media & Connect

Free viewing of a recent 5 week Journey with the Plants on YouTube, including connection with The Yew, Rose , Ivy, Weeping Willow and Hawthorn

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