My journey has led me to work with spirit and the land through a process of empowerment, remembering and discovery.

Jolted from a life consumed with business and money my path changed very quickly, on a fast road with spirit to change the foundation of all that I thought I knew and needed. A bumpy, turbulent, deeply healing and beautiful road indeed.

I offer the medicine I found during this process and continue to find. It is my aim to empower you in discovering the medicine within you, your direct relationship with spirit and the connection to the world around you.

My love and life are in service to truth, the Mother, Music and the wisdom of the land we walk on honoring the seasons, the elements and the ancestors who walk with us.

The Yew Tree has an eternal place in my heart and has been such an important medicine in my personal journey.

I offer Initiations, healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies and music to share my love with you and hold space for  you in your own journey to discover your connection and your love