The Yew

Eternally embedded within our history, culture and evolution, the  Sacred Yew speaks to us deeply and directly, carrying the ancient medicine of our native land and far beyond the physical. 

The spirit of the Yew transforms our  understanding of ourselves  into eternal, ever dissolving and recreating beings, knowing us in all aspects.  The physical Yew is the tangible  gateway between worlds. In the shamanic sense, to walk with the Yew rebirths our connection to the earth and spirit, initiating  us further to walk our path in balance and in truth, our  hearts beating us between the worlds.

In healing practice, the Yew teaches our human forms to re-embody ours as a blood imprint when working with others and can guide us further in this way as a shamanic technique.

Through the Yew we can find the most profound transformation as it breathes us back to the place between life and death, to the beginning of our existence through our blood and it is here, that our re creation and deepest healing occurs. 

The Yew speaks to us all the way round the Celtic Wheel, embodying all seasons and the elements, yet underpinning them all. Connecting with the Yew in this way, intimately re-emerges us to the energies, our ancestors and within.

Although the teachings of the Yew are immeasurable and infinite (and with each tree, a unique wisdom), I have found that it dissolves and recreates most, our understanding and embodiment of the following:




Through the existence of these areas, we embark on a journey of remembering and self discovery with the ancient Yew Tree.

If you feel called by the Yew,  you are welcome to attend  the following, no experience required: 

 The plant Ivy is another powerful medicine of our native land and opens our connection lines to other plants. It brings us to purification and cleansing. It is strongly connected with the Yew and is offered as its own initiation.

There are other aspects of working with the Yew, another is creating awareness and bringing the Yew to the forefront of our consciousness. This can help to preserve these sacred trees within their lands. However the Yew speaks to you, I encourage you to listen and follow your heart in working with the shining ones.

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