Rose Connection

Returning to the Heart

 *1 SPACE AVAILABLE* 25.10.2020


Exchange £65

The Bisley Yurt

As we head towards Autumn and the falling of the leaves, Rose reminds us that she is still in bloom, her medicine still potent and her fragrance still in the air.

Recently, Rose has been gently sharing its medicine with me as it has done many times in the past, for which I am so grateful and has reminded me of the beauty, grace and power of its spirit.


Has Rose been speaking to you too?


I welcome you to a day of deep connection and returning to the heart, as we journey with Rose to unveil the wisdom, healing and teachings of our native beauty.

Allow yourself to be guided throughout the day with Rose, discovering what medicine it holds for you and continue this connection on your personal journey as you deepen your relationship with this gentle yet powerful spirit.

The intention for this day is to call on Rose to guide us the way home to our hearts, revealing what we are ready to see, ready to heal, ready to feel and overcome. Your experience will be unique to you as the Spirits of the Plants talk to us each directly and the guidance and healing you receive will be special to you.

This space is for those who are connecting with Rose for the first time and for those who are deepening their relationship further, all are welcome.


The day will include:


3 Rose Elixirs throughout the day

A series of Journeys with the shamanic drum. Rose as our Guide

Working with the voice and the Heart Chakra for self healing, release and connection

Rose letting go ceremony

Bottle of Rose Vibrational Essence to take home with you

Sound healing with Native Instruments

Space for you to hear the whispers of your heart


We may all attend the day as individuals, however, we will share a connection with each other, learning from each other and honouring our presence as each of us experience a unique journey, intertwined with the energy of group.

The Venue is The Bisley Yurt, Miles Green Farm, Queens Rd, Bisley GU24 9AR. I love sharing from here, the energy and the land is so special. Set in a rural location with easy access via train or car, from London or anywhere else!

Please note that the venue and myself are conscious of safety and will be implementing the required measures to ensure standards are met for the safety of all participating. It will also be your responsibility to respect and uphold the standards throughout the day. If you have any more questions regarding this, please feel free to message me. Further details will also be included in the email delivered to those attending, prior to the event.

I am looking forward to seeing you, in person,

with love and with Rose in my heart

Sally xx


Winter's Wild Woman

A Shamanic Immersion

 6.12..2020 *Fully Booked*

13.12.2020 *limited spaces left*


Exchange  £75

The Bisley Yurt

Join me in this ceremonial healing space as we embark on an exploration to the depths of our womanhood, to the primal and the tame, the gentle and the fierce, the light and the dark, the essence, the façade. 

Embrace the wild woman as we connect with Winter’s medicine, embodying our truth, journeying deep with the ancestors to hear their voices and guide us through the worlds of our being, calling on the spirits of the land to hold us in wild release. 

A safe space to look within further than you have before without inhibition, judgement, or restraint. To let go of that which does not serve and to be held with love in your essence and truth. 

The space will include: 

Journeying with the Shamanic Drum & Native Instruments
Deep Womb Embodiment & Healing
Winter’s Medicine. Working with the Wheel and the Feminine Cycles
Collective Primal Release
Ancestral channelling & Voicework
Blood Connection with the Yew Tree and seeing the self 
Plant Medicine Tea (revealed on the day and optional)
Receiving the Munay-Ki Womb Rite

The exchange for this ceremonial day is £75.  Spaces are limited due to current rules and social distancing. Payments are also refundable if the event is unable to go ahead due to change of current rules. 

Please message me on facebook or email me at sally@sallysmiles.co.uk to reserve your space.

The venue is The Bisley Yurt, Miles Green Farm, Queens Road, Bisley, GU24 9AR. I love sharing from here, the energy of the land is just so special. Set in a rural location with easy access via train or car, from London, or anywhere else!

With Love,