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Shamanic Drums

the Call of the Drum

Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies based in Worcestershire and Drums available to purchase from the online shop.

Crafted in ceremony and handled with respect and care, honouring all parts of the process and materials involved, from the spirit of the animal hide to the sacred tree energy of the hoop frame. 

All drums are birthed with conscious connection to the land and turn of the wheel in which they are born, welcoming the energies that surround to witness and and become part of the birthing process, whether this be elements, plant spirits, channelled sound or lunar phases etc.

Each Drum carries it's own Spirit, unique energy and heartbeat. A sacred instrument that becomes guide, a teacher and a channel to which one can access a different state of consciousness to travel the energetic worlds. Most importantly, the drum becomes part of you and relationship with a beauty that holds no bounds. 


If the drum is calling you, see below for available offerings: 

  • Drum Birthing Ceremony day workshops

  • Personalised Drum Birthing by request

  • Birthing a drum for your child or a young loved one

  • Drum birthing ceremonies to accompany rights of passage or phases in one's life cycle

  • Purchasing a Drum

25th September: Autumn Equinox Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremony. Worcester

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Visit the online shop to explore Shamanic Drums ready to find their new home. 

Drum beaters 

Free Shamanic Drum Journey Recordings 

Drum Birthing Ceremonies

Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies held in Worcestershire with a small number of people to honour the sacredness of the process and to ensure attentive support throughout.

Choose your own animal hide from Deer or Horse and the wood of the hoop frame from Oak & Willow. 

16"  & 18" hoops available and you will also birth a Drum Beater within the same ceremony to accompany the drum to take home with you. 

A very special day indeed. 

Drum Birthing held in ceremony exchange: 

16" Drum & Beater: £215

18" Drum & Beater: £235


Personalised Birthing

Shamanic Drums birthed in ceremony specifically for you with the unique energies and guidance that come through.

This process begins with a consultation and intimate discussion to allow the spirits to guide the birthing process and for the Drum to show the way. 

My tools as a Shamanic Practitioner are called upon to birth a Drum in unique ceremony, personalised with the whispers of the land, the elements, the seasons, the moon & planetary movements, channelled music, the plant spirits & more.


Types of personalised birthing available: 

Signature birthing if the drum calls to you

Marking a right of passage of a phase in one's life cycle

Children's or young person's medicine drum

Prices vary depending on needs and size of the drum, contact me if you wish to discuss further