Whether you are at that start of your healing journey or have been on the path for some time, you will be guided to the medicine that is right for you. 

My offerings work with you on all levels of your being, addressing the root cause to bring truth and light to the area in need of healing. Our bodies have many "bodies" and working within your internal landscapes you can heal what is underneath the "problem" you seek help for. You can do this even if you are unsure why you feel the way you feel physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

It is through healing our inner worlds, we can live fully from our hearts within world around us, bringing transfromation and balance. 

If you would like to talk more about healing or any of the below, I welcome you

Healing Dates @ The Bisley Yurt, Bisley, Woking: 

5th April | 10th May | July tbc | 29th August | 24th October | 8th December

All bookings must be made in advance and limited spaces are available and the investment is £55 per hour session.

If you cannot make a date at The Yurt, healing sessions are also held at Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre, Mister Kent and are on a booking and donation only basis. Alternatively, distance healing is available remotely.

Shamanic Healing

(with or without reading)

Face to face healing using shamanic techniques. Each session is different as you are each moment, ever evolving. 

Working within the landscapes of your being, guided and safe, we travel to the area most in need of healing at that moment. Healing takes place on a  deep level but can equally be as gentle in balance. 

If you are feeling out of sorts physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, healing can help. If there are unresolved traumas or deep seated issues, these can manifest in other areas of your "bodies" and through healing, we journey to the root, working with the truth to bring light, release and healing. 

Sessions may include the drum, native instruments and channelled vocal healing. 

£55 1 hour

Distance Healing

If we are unable to meet face to face, I offer distance healing which, in my experience is just as effective as face to face work. All is the same as if we were together physically as the work takes place without boundaries of time of physical proximity. 

£40 1 hour

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