Plant Spirit Shop

Welcome to the Plant Spirit Shop, a place newly birthed from years of experience communicating and healing with the spirits of the plants. 

You will find a growing array of Plant Spirit and Vibrational Essences which may call to  you on your personal journey. 

3 drops under the tongue or into a glass of water to sip when your intuition guides you, intertwine with the wisdom, guidance and healing of nature's medicine.

Each Essence is created differently and in ceremony with permission of the plants,  birthed from a calling rather than a want and with no fuss, gimmicks or fancy labels.

Just the medicine of plants, to you and for you.....with love

Rose Essence

Born under the Pisces Full Moon and infused with David Austin Rose Petals. A particular Rose Plant that gently guided these essences into creation. 

This Rose shows us how to let go with grace,  love and acceptance and to remain in a place of integrity and softness amongst harsh conditions.

Beauty does not have to be loud or in the way to be seen.

£10 Inc P+P each

Please email me to order Essences


Lavender Vibrational Essence

Coming Soon....

£10 Inc P+P each

To pre-order, please email me at


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