Plant Spirit Medicine

It is my experience that to connect with the Plants is to connect with a part of ourselves, as we embody the world around us, the seasons, the elements, the cycles, the land and its energies too, we are all part of the same energetic landscape, vibrating together. 

Like us, the plants have many aspects to them...physical, energetic, spiritual etc, so when we connect with the spirits of the plants, we re-embody ourselves to meet them with our spirit and communicate on this plane of existence. When we meet them in this way, a whole new world steps forward as they reveal to us themselves in other forms and their wisdom timeless and sacred. They become our teachers, our allies, our guides, taking us to our deepest depths to find our light. They show us the healing way and how to find the medicine within, to heal the shadow and to integrate its teachings as such to create fulfilled change and transformation.

There are many ways in which we can access the spirit world of the plants and in my experience, they speak to us directly and uniquely. Whether you connect by journeying, meditation, physical contact or simply walking in nature, you can grow your relationship with honouring, listening, ceremony and ritual amongst many other things, the plants will always show you the way if you are open to their guidance.


You may find certain plants or trees step forward for you at different times in your life, or seasons or cycles. They are speaking to you. 

My work & path has been very much guided by the plant spirits and the personal healing and wonders they have shown me. They have taken me to the darkest and the lightest parts of myself and totally transformed my life. I have come to understand that you begin to embody the plant and it embodies you.

It is my offering to help empower those who wish to connect with the plant spirits whether you are at the start of your journey or connecting deeper and these ways include:


Plant Medicine Ceremonies (one to one and group)


Medicine Wheel work with the Plants

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Plant Spirit Healing

Channelled Music

Mentoring & Guidance

Plant Spirit Essences (see online shop)

One to one work

If you feel called to explore any of these further, please contact me

Pine Cones
Upcoming Plant Spirit Offerings

3rd Jan: Shamanic Journey with the Plants: Ivy (Online)

10th Jan: Shamanic Journey with the Plants: Rosemary (Online)

17th Jan: Shamanic Journey with the Plants: Yew (Online)

24th Jan: Shamanic Journey with the Plants: Pine (Online)

All Journeys are held via Zoom and £5

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