Online Offerings


Wednesday 28th April 7pm-8.50pm

It is with our hearts that we welcome you to our free online Women's Circle taking place via Zoom every Wednesday from 7.30-8.45pm. 

We really felt the call to offer a space for Women to come and connect, grow, support and create with one another. Allowing some time to restore and communicate with other Women as well as the Woman within. 

Each week will be different and in the weeks ahead we look forward to some guest Women who will share their unique wisdom from their own journeys, as well as regular opportunities for us to journey within through meditations, discussions, music, sharing and more. 

Come and relax, be you, have fun and in the company of other Women. 

We know there is something so special about Women coming together and sharing their stories, their journeys intertwining and communicating their intuitive energies. 

All Women and all those who identify as Women are welcome. 

If you would like to attend this week, please send Sally Smiles or Gwen Allison a message and we will send you the Zoom link. 

We have decided to keep the Zooms private for the integrity and openness of the group so that we can share freely. 

With love 

Gwen and Sally xx


Thursday 19th November @ 7-8.45pm 

During this tutorial, I will share the techniques I call on working with energy medicine to co-create vibrational essences for healing, connection and well-being.

These techniques can be used with an infinite array of possibilities and medicines that you may feel particularly called to or close to, thus creating an essence unique to you and your connection.

Whilst we will spend time with the practical and necessary safety aspects of the birthing process, I also encourage an intuitive creative relationship directly between you and the medicine that speaks, so there will be plenty of time for questions and answers during and after the event if it feels right to explore further and would like guidance.

These are some examples of what you may feel called to co-create after this tutorial:

Plant Spirit & Plant Spirit Vibrational Essences

Crystal Essences

Animal Energy Essences

Essences that work with elemental energies, the moon, the earth, water etc

Chakra Essences

And many more……

This tutorial is online via Zoom and the investment is £12

Online 5 Week Course Journey.....Details to be confirmed soon

Throughout November/December