Rooted & Wild

Rooted and Wild are two women who have been woven together inspired by a magical encounter when Sally and Lynn first sang as one and realised they had something special. Within a couple of days they were swamped with beautifully deep and meaningful songs which were flowing in faster than they could write them down. They spent just a few days together creating songs to share.

Both Sally and Lynn are experienced workshop leaders and incorporate music into their work. They are inspired by the seasons, the elements and the wildness of the untamed earth.

Watch their story as it unfolds. Still in its infancy they are hoping their music and songs will reach out to many and stir something deep in which listeners can relate to.

All untamed brothers and sisters, watch this space……………

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A song that was born after a magical day of drum birthing with our good friend Wendy Ruddick. The story of three sisters coming together to share their love and journey with the drum!  

(c) Lynn Gosney & Sally Smiles 9.12.19

Rooted and Wild are Lynn Gosney and Sally Smiles




Upcoming Performances

28th March: MYSTICAL MARKET. Westgate Hall, Canterbury

15th-17th May: FAERIE FESTIVAL. Alfriston, East Sussex

30th May: GOOD VIBES FESTIVAL OF WELLNESS. Chessington School, Chessington

20th June: GUESTS OF TOUCH THE EARTH @ The Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne

11th July:  LIGHT EARTH DAY FESTIVAL. Mill Lake Retreat, St Osyth

18th-19th July: GONE TO EARTH FESTIVAL. Stonham Aspall

13th-16th August: FREEZONE FESTIVAL. Gaunts House, Wimbourne