The Shamanic Journey: A Series of Workshops

A series of workshops to connect deeply with the spirit wisdom and medicine of our native land as we journey round the Celtic Medicine Wheel to heal, empower and meet the self. 

Through working with the seasons and the elements of the land we walk on, we understand how we are the embodiment of its cycle and how it holds the answers to the mysteries we seek.

Each season brings unique medicine and healing gifts. We will enter a process of deep enquiry and experience with the teachings each season holds. 

The Shamanic path is one of  connection to the earth and spirit, living in truth, balance and harmony, The journey starts within you...

  • Journey the year with the Celtic Medicine Wheel

  • Embody the Seasons & the Elements

  • Heal with the wisdom of our native land

  • Plant Spirit Medicine work

  • Journey to Meet your Power Allies

  • How to work with the spirits of the land

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Healing the Shadow

There will be 5 workshops in total and you are welcome to walk the whole journey or come for a single workshop that calls to you. All workshops will be held at The Bisley Yurt, Bisley, Woking.

Investment £55 for each workshop and discount to £45 per workshop if walking the whole journey (all 5 workshops)


Spring: 11th April

Summer: 27th June

Autumn: 27th September

Winter: 29th November

The Centre: 24th January 2021


11th April  1-6.30pm The Bisley Yurt, Woking £55

As the wheel begins again with it's first turn of the year into Spring, we will learn what this time of year holds for our lives, our healing and our evolution. There is so much wisdom within each season and we will begin to understand how to embody with the flow of Spring. The time of new beginnings, fresh starts, re-emergence after the deep dark winter and a time of rebirth and new life. 

This workshop will include: 

Working with the Celtic Medicine Wheel

Embodiment of the season

A Shamanic Journey to the spirit of Spring

Healing with Air

Meet your Spring Ally to work with you through the season

Plant Spirit Connection and Guidance

Intentions and Inviting in the new for the year ahead

Letting go of that which does not serve 

Creating Sacred Space & The Directions

And More...


Details coming soon in February....